Unfortunately, we did not prevail on Election Day. But there is still important work ahead. We must protect Arizona’s medical marijuana program so that patients can continue to access that medicine that they need. And we need to lay the groundwork for future efforts to end the senseless policy of marijuana prohibition in Arizona. You can support this important work by donating to the Marijuana Policy Project, who led the Yes on Prop 205 campaign. Our fight continues in Arizona, so please make a donation today.

Thanks to you, we won the campaign and legalized marijuana for adults in Massachusetts. But the fight is not over! In lieu of donating to the Yes on 4 Campaign please consider donating to the Marijuana Policy Project to support its critical efforts in Massachusetts. MPP is working to ensure that the state government implements the new law in a timely and fair fashion. Make sure that lawmakers respect the will of the voters by making a donation to MPP today!

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